How do subscriptions work?

Our subscription service is the easy way to receive your fruit and veg, delivered to your door on a regular basis.

Your subscription will automatically renew on a recurring basis at which time your credit card will be charged automatically for the subscription products, including applicable shipping fees (if any) until you cancel your membership.

You can modify or cancel your subscription at anytime by logging in to your account and selecting Subscriptions.  For example if you want to skip a week or pause your subscription you can manage this easily.

When will you receive your subscription

We deliver orders on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Your order will be delivered on the soonest day after your order has been made. For example if you place a weekly subscription order on a Tuesday, we will deliver your regular weekly order every Thursday.

If you have any further questions regarding our subscription service, please call us on 0151 339 3169

By subscribing to our subscription service, you have confirmed that you accept our Terms of Service.